Gamification - Increase Team Engagement with Game-Like Scores and Achievements

Some of our other internal tools use this. ITGlue calls it the “engagement” dashboard. At the end of the month I’ll send out a team email with a screenshot of the scoreboard, congratulating the top scoring team members. I found that this concept does absolutely increase my team’s engagement with the application. It’s fun! It’s fun to track the scores and compete for the top spot.

I would love to have an Asana “score board” for me and my team to watch for who has the highest task completion rates for the last month, for example. Who is the most on-time with completing task?

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Hi @Adam_Miller1, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

With the Premium plan and access to the Admin Console, you can view Insights for your Organization and view "Most influential members" or "Most active teams"

Further, with the Business plan you can view detailed engagement activity over time. Perhaps this is something you’d be interested in :slight_smile:


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