🌟 Free licenses for athletes, artists, solo-preneurs: the program "Asana Talents by iDO"


:rocket: At iDO (Asana Solutions Partner) we believe that Asana can change the life of everyone. We see it everyday with our clients: marketing agencies, factories, hospitals, non-profits… They all thrive on Asana thanks to 1. access to the tool 2. access to our help (support, content, office hours, tools).

:cherry_blossom::notes: But what about a trail runner preparing K2? What about a DJ trying to organise concerts? What about a florist opening a new shop? What about a podcast host launching a new podcast? They all have one thing in common: they need structure to grow.

:star2: Solo-preneurs, artists, athletes: we want to help them by providing them with a free Asana licences as well as allow them to benefit from the same help we provide our clients.

:basketball: Nike can sponsor Lebron, why Asana couldn’t sponsor Maëlle, florist, through iDO?

The program
We secured 50 Enterprise licenses and will give them for free to approved applicants.

Those licenses are tied to a domain name we created, so the talent will have to work in the provided organisation. Exception could be made to offer the support without the license.

In exchange, the talent allows iDO to communicate about the partnership, as well as build together use-case(s) on how they use Asana.

The licenses are secured for 2023 but the program could live longer.

We are an Asana Solutions Partner, we are not Asana. Our program was created out of our own initiative.

How to apply
:rotating_light: Edit May 2023: the program is currently closed and might reopen later this year or next year

The team of Talents
We are proud to already have a team of talents!


Kudos! Awesome program! Do you have anything similar for small non-profits?

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Thanks! How small is your non-profit?

Welcome, @Catherine_Juon2,

In addition to @Bastien_Siebman’s nice opportunity, in case you weren’t already aware, many nonprofits qualify for 50% off and some free Asana consulting at:

And also there’s my free monthly AMA for Nonprofits:



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