Formatting your task descriptions like a ninja 🥷

Yes! Thank you, Larry!

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Okay I love the select text and shortcut paste feature!! Did not know!

Just perfect, I was struggling with my styles and this update saved me time and effort. Thanks to the team.

Hi! Is it just me or are we not able to edit the text that’s been copied and pasted into description? Apologies if this was already answered. I just couldn’t find the response.

Welcome, @Joy_Lee,

If you can paste into the description then you should be able to edit after.

Perhaps you could share a short video (not including any sensitive info) to help with isolating the issue?



Hi Larry,

Apologies for this late response as I was having trouble logging back in. The issue resolved itself in February. One day I was copying and pasting text into a description and it became ‘live’ and editable again. I’m not sure why it was just a chuck of text that cannot be edited for a few months.

Thank you for reaching out!


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