Format task name (i.e. bold) on card in board view

Similar to the way you can bold a milestone in list view, I want to emphasize a milestone or specific task in the board view. For example, within the column, I have cards with tasks and work my way down them to get to the bold or specific colored milestone task for that column.

Hi @Ross2 , welcome back!

Until if/when Asana implement something like this:

If you are any paid plans, you could create custom fields (from the Customize button, top right) to use them to mark your tasks with various values.

Eg. from a classic (boring) Priority field (High, medium, low) to some exciting :fire: emojis or visually pleasing coloured emojis (:red_circle: :yellow_circle: :green_circle: :large_blue_circle:) that could signify categories that make sense to you.

The values of these custom fields will appear on your task’s cards in the board view. You may need to enable them from the ‘Hide’ button along the top.

If you are on a free plan you could used tags instead.