Form to Project Template

I do not have Flowsana. I am looking at creating a form that then completes certain fields into an existing template that creates a new project. I have the form and I’ve set it up to create a new project using the template but the fields are not filling out. Any suggestions?

@Amy_Weber - could you clarify what you mean by “completes certain fields into an existing template”? Are you trying to set custom fields on the templated project or on the tasks inside of the project?

I have a team that uses a standard template for each of their projects. They are instructional designers. Program managers come to them with projects and they want them to fill out a form and the forms in the field automatically populate the template vs. showing in the Overview Details. Thanks for any advice?

@Amy_Weber - do you want the project fields to get filled (i.e., the ones that show up in portfolios) or the task fields (i.e., the fields on every task inside of that project)?

If it’s the former, the way we accomplish this is to initiate projects via a form in a request queue/project. Form entries create tasks, which can then be converted to projects from a template. Converting the task to a project will pull all the fields set in the form onto the project (assuming you use global fields).

If it’s the latter, I don’t know of a good way to do this, as Asana doesn’t natively allow you to have tasks inherit field values from their projects.

Thank you!
I do want the project fields to get filled. I have the form using the template to create a new project. How do I associate the fields to get filled in?

@Amy_Weber - generally, your process might be:

  1. Have an intake project that houses your form. New form entries will create tasks here.
  2. Create your form on this intake project. Tie form questions to global custom fields. For example, if you want to tag projects by region, have a Region question on your form that has a dropdown with your values.
  3. Manually or via automation, convert the task to a project using your template. Automation might be: When task is added to this project, Check if task added by {your form}, Do convert task to project.
  4. That project should have all the same custom field values as the task that it was converted from. You can check this by adding the project to a portfolio that has those fields (or doing this in your template/rule from step 3) or by checking the Project Details.
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