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Is there an efficient way for templates to be applied to the tasks submitted through forms? Essentially we’re receiving the task through a forms submission and then a staff member needs to duplicate our template task and carry over any information from the form submission task to the duplicated template task.

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Have you tried converting the form submission task into a subtask of the duplicated template task? You can drag and drop your form submission task to the duplicated template task. We currently don’t have a feature to automatically add form submissions to an existing task, I’m not aware of any upcoming similar options but I think the option to drag and drop the task to make it a subtask can help you!

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I think this solves some of our problems. But our main problem is we are trying to establish workflows within the system that sometimes have 10-30 tasks that need to be completed to deem that workflow complete. When a new submission comes in, it would be great to apply an already created template task (with the 20-30 subtasks). When we make the submission task a subtask of the template, it becomes hard for us to pull out information because it needs to be manually copied to the parent task.

Hi @Ellen_Pinnola,

FYI if you’d like a way to automatically have a set of subtasks added to your form submission task from a template of subtasks, you can do this with a Flowsana If-Then rule:

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Thanks for sharing @Phil_Seeman!