Form responses inexplicably disappearing from list/board

Form responses have disappeared from one of our projects. There are no longer any responses in the list/board view of the project, nor can I even search for any records of the forms having ever been submitted. Admittedly, I find it difficult to find things like forms through the search bar, but I have tried everything I can think of and nothing has turned up. The form itself still exists in the Customize panel, however.

Welcome, @ReesaG,

Is there any chance the form submission tasks in the project were marked complete and you’re filtering to show only incomplete tasks so they’re hidden?

Otherwise, try pasting this into the Asana search box:

This task was submitted through

and hitting Enter and seeing if that shows any.

Maybe the tasks were deleted? You can click the search box > Advanced search > + Add filter > More > Deleted > then click the Deleted box and see if you can find them that way.

Finally, try these troubleshooting steps, then please create a support ticket, go to Asana Support - Help Center • Asana > click the chat icon at the bottom right > type “speak to an agent” > click “Yes” > click “Something Else” > click “Create a support ticket”.



Hi, Larry
Yes, I have tried all the things you suggested already. I’ll open a ticket. Thanks!

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