For Teams of One: Automatically Assign ALL tasks to the default user


I’ve been using Asana for a long time now. I’m a team of one, one user on the account, and have no plans to add additional members to my team. I STILL repeatedly miss tasks because I forget to go in and assign them to myself. I will forward an email from a client, forget to cc my own email address (which was Asana’s suggestion when I wrote to them a year ago with this problem). Later, I go into Asana, to My Tasks, and totally miss a critical request that came in because the task isn’t there.
If I forget to go in and use the search to search for tasks “Assigned to Nobody”, I miss stuff. All the time.

So, the feature request: If only ONE person is on the account/team, make ALL tasks automatically assigned to that one person. (and/or, give the option to have a “default” assignee, rather than “nobody.”) I cannot be the only person that has this or a similar problem!

Thanks for consideration! :slight_smile:


totally agree


I agree too, I see there hasn’t been any movement on this!


Where is the workflow for automatic assign?