Follow up action on messages

Feature request for an action in the drop down of a message to create a follow up task similar to how the follow feature works on task objects.

The reason for this is that often conversations require something to be actioned.

Great feedback @AdamTerrey and certainly something we’ll look at in the future. We recently launched the ability to “convert text into task” in our new Brief feature, this would also be a cool way to achieve follow-up tasks in Messages :slight_smile:


I like the inline covert text to task that is very cool.

For messages I see a few issues through:

  • A private message that needs to be auctioned has no project context. So a new task from text would need to be assigned to someone, but who? sender or receiver?
  • Both the sender and receiver would need to be listed as collaborators on the new task for a link to make sense.

I’m not sure of the utility of the above for private messages.

I also notice with the brief “convert text into task”, it replaces the text with a link. The resulting task title can be edited which replaces the inline text in the brief. Someone could inadvertently destroy a sentence. If the task gets deleted the inline text is replaced with “Private Link” which is a loss of data in the project brief. If it were applied to messages or comments it could be a kind of edit privilege over the author’s content.

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Another thought that I had was - maybe messages should be able to have sub tasks? That way someone could list out actionables and have transparency over them.

@Marie this looks like it got implemented. I see in in the UI already. Thanks heaps for the fast turn around on it!

Oh I missed this update, so sorry about that @AdamTerrey. I can see it on my end too, so closing out this #productfeedback thread :slight_smile: