Feature request: turn conversation into task


It would be really nice if a conversation could be turned into a task.


Thanks for this feedback, @mary-lou! Interesting suggestion. Could you please elaborate on your need for this? What do you hope to achieve by turning a conversation into a task?


Obviously, brainstorming creates ideas. Ideas are communicated in comments. Ideas may become tasks. So it would make sense if comments could be turned into tasks as well.


I was searching the net, supposing that you had already created this feature. So I greatly support the above notion.


Ditto! We had captured lessons learned in a conversation and I wanted to add that to our Company Knowledge Base Asana project but was not able to. Since I can’t just turn it into a task with the comments, I will have to copy and boil it all into one task in order to add it.


We would also need this. We constantly find conversations soon uncover that some people need to complete some task. It is annoying to have to copy paste the background into the task - even more so if multiple tasks arise. It is not always possible to know in advance that a task is going to be the outcome of the conversation.


I agree 100% with the need to convert a conversation into a task. Conversations are discussions. Tasks are action oriented. Many tasks start as conversations. This should be a great feature to have, thank you.


+1 to all the above. For me, it’s about hosting my team’s stand-up meetings in Asana.

  1. automated email from Zapier asking my teammates to add their daily stand-up notes
  2. reply to boardname@mail.asana.com so that the notes are automatically added to Asana (conversation tab)
  3. when my manager is done reviewing the notes of each member, she can turn the conversation into a task for follow-up actions or archive

Is this feature request being looked at or has been added to your roadmap?

Thanks a lot!


This would be helpful for me too. How much interest does there need to be before Asana will work on this?


yes, would be great.


+1. Need this feature!


yes, this feature would be really helpful and seems to be a fairly obvious value-add.