Focussed List & Powerful Reviews

I am considering trialling a new approach with Asana.

Focussed Lists
I want my action lists to be focused on what I need to achieve in the short term and to use dates sparingly so that it creates less stress and rescheduling

Powerful Reviews
I want to quickly review my tasks in weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews to understand what I want to work on next.

My proposed Use Case is to have two profiles:

  1. normal asana profile where Inbox and MyTasks are key - task dates are based on what I will do
  2. additional asana profile for review purposes - task dates are where I want to next review a task to consider if it should be something I move to an active task

My Tasks list filtered by due date shows me what I need to work on without clutter, distraction or guilt about what I could be doing
My reviews are effective as I only focus on tasks where I felt I may need to review the task. Of course I may still choose to review a whole project because it is critical but I dont have to review everything.

Has anyone else had a similar thought? Did you create two profiles or manage it some other way.