Flowsana: workflow automation for your Asana projects

Hi everyone,

Thank you for this wonderful tool! I’ve got some questions about automations / triggers with FlowSana according to plan levels.

I only discover Asana and try to automate my workflow with sections based on “due dates” rules. With the Business trial, I’m trying to find the best solution for my needs (as a single user).

In Asana for Windows, I activate FlowSana app for the specific project, but I’ve got some questions:

  • In the workflow builder, I can’t find triggers from Flowsana in “Add trigger to move tasks in this section”. Could you please confirm that only triggers from Asana are available in here? On the other side, I can add “more actions” from FlowSana perfectly in “When tasks move to this section, do this automatically”.

  • Will I still be able to do these actions if I only go for a premium Asana plan? (the workflow builder seems to be available too, only the rules and triggers seems to differ but those from FlowSana seem to remain)

  • If I want to use FlowSana directly into the Asana app, do I have to go for a Business account, as it is the only one to offer custom rules? If I go for the premium one, do I have to use FlowSana directly via its proper website?

Your answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for this wonderful tool. Have a nice day

Correct. Asana supports the ability for external apps to add rule actions in the Asana rule builder, but not triggers. Flowsana does have some unique triggers; to use those, you build your rule in the Flowsana portal.

Yes, you can, but as a Premium user you’ll need to build your rules in the Flowsana portal, because the Asana rule builder is only available for Asana Business/Enterprise users.

Yes, as also noted in the answers above , this is exactly correct.

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Hi @Phil_Seeman, and thank you for this kind answer

Everything is perfectly clear. Flowsana is a really amazing tool :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: .

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Hi @Phil_Seeman is there any way to have a new project generate from a template based on date? For example we have a reoccurring weekly project. I would like the project to create every Monday morning at 8 am? Is this possible?

Hi @Corrine_Cruz,

I haven’t tried that personally but I think it should be possible! Not the 8 am part, but if the project creates Mondays between approx. midnight and 1 am, would that be OK? If so…

Create a task within some project and set that task’s due date to repeat every Monday, then create a Flowsana rule in that project: If a task is due today, then Create a project from a template….

Then create another rule in the same project: If a task is due today, mark it complete. That way, after the new project gets generated, the task will get set to the following Monday.

You’ll probably want to create a separate project just containing this one recurring task, because I doubt you’ll want these two rules applying to other regular tasks that you have.

Also be sure to set your time zone on the My Account page of your Flowsana web portal, so Flowsana will know when “today” starts for you.

As I said, I haven’t tried this in practice, so if you have any difficulties or are unclear about any aspect of it, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to support@flowsana.net.

I use Zapier to trigger my asana projects and in the past have had flowsana do some automating for due dates and lag time. Does anyone know if there’s anyway to have access to the Project description to automate filling that with specific details information using either Flowsana or another plugin? I typically attach a specific google doc or link based on the client that is related to the project and have been resorting to doing this manually, but would LOVE to have this automated.


Yeah, Flowsana doesn’t have any automations involving the project description. I guess you’ve checked Zapier and it’s also a no-go. I’m not aware of any others that might do that, sorry!

Hi everyone,

I was wondering how will Flowsana relate to new Asana tiers, especially about automation limitations?

With a Premium account (future starter) will Flowsana be limited to 250 automations a month?

Have a great day.

No, not at all! Flowsana has NO limitations on the number of automations you can run! Our code is completely separate from Asana so not subject to any of their automation limitations. :grinning:


Hi @Phil_Seeman, and thank you for this information.

I can go for Asana Starter and Flowsana :smiley:

Have a great day!

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Hi @Phil_Seeman - Is there a way to use flowsana automation to move out due dates of tasks and subtasks to outside of weekends? The scenario is we create a task from a task template, but some of the cascading dates fall on weekends. I want to avoid weekends all together. And using a project template will not work, because I have evergreen projects, where I’m creating tasks from tasks templates in.

Yes, there is! Here is how to accomplish that:

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@Phil_Seeman Thanks - that is very helpful. The only problem is, I enabled the rule, but it is not keeping the distance between each tasks. When my task template is created, there are subtasks that are cascading, with one day between then, until the final due date, pictured
before - subtasks 1 day apart
But after the rule executes, the subtasks that originally landed on a weekend, are moved to the next business day, but now I have 3 subtasks due on that Monday, pictured
after - subtasks on same day. How can I implement this rule, but still keep my SLAs in place?

Ah - if you also add a Flowsana Auto-Adjust workflow to the project, that will adjust the dependent tasks when the dependency is moved off of a weekend (or moved in any other way as well).

@Phil_Seeman That’s what I have, I have the auto-adjust rule, along with the workflow rule that you suggested. This initial result, shown in the screenshots, are right after the tasks are created. So the workflow rule moves them. But even with the auto-adjust rule, if I move the parent task’s due date, the depended subtasks, all shit, however they shift in the same manner, where I end up with 2-3 tasks due on the same Monday.

@Lindsey_Be, there are several configuration options that we’ll need to look at your settings in the Auto-adjust workflow. The best thing to do is to move this to our support system; please send an explanatory email to support@flowsana.net and if you could, please include a task link to the parent task so we can look in our logs for the activity detail. Thanks!

@Phil_Seeman Sent - thank you

Hi @Phil_Seeman, I started setting my rules today. Flowsana is really an awesome tool.

I was wondering if it was possible to automatically clear “due date” when a task is put in a particular section (Pending in my case).

I’ve seen the action “set a date field to” but I don’t think that’s the way to proceed?

Have a great day!

Hi @SvenDenns,

There isn’t currently a way to clear the due date. It’s something we can look at adding in the future; to that end, I would recommend creating a request for it on our Feedback portal!

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Actually, this is possible natively now in Asana: