Flowsana: workflow automation for your Asana projects

You’re looking at Asana’s rules. Flowsana has its own rule capability (rules are defined on the Flowsana web portal) separate from Asana’s.

(If you’re wondering why they need to be separate, Asana’s rules are not accessible to external applications so the two can’t be combined.)

I am a new Flowsana user, testing out the free trial. I tried to set a rule when a new task is created, a set of subtasks from my subtask library are to populate. When I see it in my workflow list, it says " If a new task is created, then add the subtasks of the task ‘[task not found]’ in the ‘Subtask Templates Library’ project."

The task I am copying the subtasks from was available to select in the drop down when I set it up, but it does not seem to be recognizing it?? What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Tami_Helms!

Please wait for an email that indicates the project has been set up in Flowsana, then you can start testing it out. There’s a bit of a backlog at the moment in setting up new workflows (I’m investigating it now to see if there’s an issue.)

Will do! Since this is my first workflow set up, I did not realize there would be a slight delay with the set up. Thank you so much!

No worries! You should be all set to go now.

Flowsana Rule Update

I have a small update to announce for Flowsana.

When you’re building a rule and use the rule action “Create a new project from a template”, one of the things you do is tell Flowsana the name to use for the new project.

Previously there was one “variable replacement” option available: you could put {task.Name} and it would replace that with the name of the task; for example you could enter this in the new-project-name field:

Onboarding process for {task.Name}

and end up with a project called, for example:

Onboarding Process for Jane Smith

Now with this update, in addition to the task’s name, you can specify the name of any custom field and it will do a replacement with the value of that field.

Say instead of using the task name in the above example, you have a form which prompts for the new employee’s name and puts it in a custom field called New Employee’s Name.

Now you can specify this in the rule’s new-project-name field:

Onboarding process for {task.New Employee’s Name}

and end up with the same format of project name of, for example:

Onboarding Process for Jane Smith


With your tool, can an email be sent to a team member or external (outside of Asana) stakeholder to view the public link (and submission details?)

Hi @Marquis_Murray,

If I understand the question, probably not.

Flowsana can be configured to send a confirmation email to an email address that the submitter enters on the form, but not to any additional people.

Also Flowsana has a rule action to send a notification email when a condition is met (and that condition could be that a new form task is created), but the options for recipients for that notification email are: the task’s assignee, the task’s collaborators, or all project members. It sounds like in your case you want it to go to someone other than that (but I’m not 100% sure of that).

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You’ve understood correctly, Phil. That’s exactly what I’m looking to do. Thanks for the detailed explanation of how your tool works in this case.

does anyone know if you have collaborators in a template and then have flowsana copy that template to a new task does it also copy collaborators as well.?

Hi @RiccoZorzo,

YES, if you’re referring to the “create subtasks from a template” rule action, Flowsana will copy the collaborators from the subtask in the template to the new subtask it creates.

Hi i have noticed last few days none of my workflows are working, is there a way to make sure the connection between flowsana and asana is still working ?>

Hi @RiccoZorzo,

It’s most likely due to this bug in the Asana programming interface.

But please submit a Flowsana support ticket so that you can be properly matched to your Flowsana account and thus we can investigate what’s up.

New in Flowsana: Support for My Tasks

We've just added full support for the My Tasks view in Flowsana!

Now you can create rules and other workflows for your My Tasks view just as you can for any other project.

This means the full capability of Flowsana’s rules can now be applied to your My Tasks.

Your My Tasks, and any other My Tasks views that you have access to, will now be included when you go to select a project in creating a new workflow. You’ll see both the name of the user owning the My Tasks view and the workspace that it belongs to; for example:

Simply select it as you would any other project, and create your desired rule or other workflow.


He did it :heart: task-autopromotion would be possible then?

Yes, indeed!

Well, to be more specific, I didn’t add rule actions to move tasks within the existing My Tasks sections (Today, Upcoming, etc.); I could still do that if persuaded, but decided not to do it since those are short-lived and I didn’t want people creating rules that will be obsolete.

But once regular sections are available in My Tasks, then absolutely, you’ll be able to use Flowsana’s date-based rule triggers:

along with the “Move to section” rule action to implement any number of customized auto-promotions.

(This auto-promotion capability is in fact the biggest reason why I added support for My Tasks :smiley:.)

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This does not appear to work.

Hi @Steven_Johnson1,

If you can send me a Private Message with the email address you used to sign up for Flowsana, I’ll see what’s up and get back to you.

It eventually showed up. Thanks!

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Are duration based Workflows based on the assigned user and can weekends be ignored as well?

Additionally; how would the duplicate task with subtasks and subsections be triggered?