Flowsana Dynamic Duration-Based - Due dates of Subtasks based on PARENT TASK, not Project


I would like to use Flowsana’s Dynamic Duration-Based Workback Workflow on a number of different tasks within a certain project.

However, the project does not have a specific due date, but the parent tasks within that project due. Is it possible to set up the Dynamic Duration-Based Workback Workflow to change the subtasks dates based on each parent task due date? And NOT the project due date?


Hi @Clara_Rescala and welcome to the forum,

The Dynamic Duration workflow was not designed to be used in the way you describe, but to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever tried it like that! Let me see what the behavior is in that scenario and report back.

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@Phil_Seeman we’ll soon have to create an entire Flowsana category on the forum just for you :heart:

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I have good news, @Clara_Rescala: the Dynamic Duration workflow will work the way you want to use it!

Should you need any further guidance on how to set it up, the best option is to email support at flowsana dot net for assistance.