Firefox printing weird stuff

So I am in Asana in FF and trying to print copies of the tasks. This is what I hand to my production guys as a work order. Usually I work in Chrome and have no issues, but in FF it prints this:

Nothing about my settings is odd. I am clicking on the ellipses within the task and selecting Print. Like I said, it works fine in Chrome. Thoughts? Do I have a setting wrong somewhere?

Hey @Ray_Duval, I’m sorry for the trouble. If it’s working in Chrome but not in Firefox, this is likely a browser issue. Have you tried to clear the cache and cookies and check if you have the latest version of Firefox? Were you able to print tasks normally in Firefox before?

Looking forward to your reply. :slight_smile:

I’ve only ever used Chrome. I just updated FF to the most recent build, so no cache or cookies and it’s still doing the same thing.

Hi @Ray_Duval,

Are you seeing the same thing in your printing preview? Any chance you could give it a go with Chrome, to help us understand if the issue is specific to Firefox or spread to all browsers?

Looking forward to your reply!

Chrome prints perfectly, no issues.

There’s something about selecting the Print option in the task. I’ll look harder on Monday.

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@Marie So I’ve played with this and I cannot find where I have a setting wrong? It prints fine in Chrome and Edge. I haven’t tried Safari yet.

Seems like the issue is directly related to Firefox so! Have you tried updating to the latest version of Firefox? If you’re already under the latest version of Firefox, I’d recommend trying to uninstall and reinstall it, it might be a small glitch causing this issue!