Find out task is "completed" as duplicate and link to parent (duplicating) task in API?

Task API lacks strict information about task being closed as duplicate of other and identifier of this other task. Any one knows where to get it?

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Hey @Mateusz_Bogusz,

Thanks for reaching out. As you mentioned, there is no specific ‘duplicate’ endpoint in the API.

Depending on what you’re trying to do, you should be able to figure out if a task is a duplicate by parsing the task’s name. When a task is marked as a duplicate, the string [Duplicate] is added to the front of the task name.

In order to find the other duplicate, you would need to parse the task story. The story object will say have the name of the other duplicate:

"text": "marked this a duplicate of task-name",

where task-name is the name of the other duplicate task. Unfortunately, there is no way to get the task id of the other duplicate.

Hopefully this helps – sorry there is not a more straight-forward way to get this via the API.


Really? People who gave Jeff these likes. I can’t even search task by “task-name”.

Hey @Mateusz_Bogusz,

answers here

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