Find and Replace feature

It makes you wonder how much the Asana team actually uses their own program! If they had to make these changes to every template they use they’d find a solution quick. Four years is a long time to have a known deficiency like this be out there.


Wow would my use of templates be made much more efficient if you could simply do a text search and replace for tasks. This has been requested previously, and it still is nowhere to be found. I’d like to think it would be relatively easy function to add?

I agree. In our workflow we have some templates with code numbers throughout, which in the template are “XXXXXXX”. It would be great if when we create a project from a template, we could search and replace all those “XXXXXXX” with the actual code numbers, instead of doing it one by one manually.


Hi , I don’t know if this helps, but I found a Chrome extension, which works without a problem …

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Sorry guys it didn´t work, and I can’t delete my first reply.

When one change affects many templates, or many instances within a template, it will be more efficient to update the template(s) using a search-and-replace function. A S&R feature across templates would be useful, too. Would reduce template editing time significantly.

Did you search for “search and replace” in the forum search bar? There are several hits.

now i did. didn’t realize this has been requested since 2016. wow.

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This would be an amazingly helpful function within Asana.

Please join Find and Replace feature instead of re-posting an existing topic :slight_smile:

Any update on if this might be in the works?! Would be so so helpful as all have mentioned. Thank you!

Asana does not share its roadmap, and you haven’t missed any announcement: we don’t know if this is on the roadmap, however we know Asana is reading the forum and considering all requests regularly.

Looking forward to the find and replace’ feature! Hope we have any updates for the Asana Dev Team.

I almost have a tool ready for this. I know you all hope a native solution, but maybe that will help with the wait.

@Bastien_Siebman any updates on your tool?

Still not ready, my dev colleague should work on it soon.


Any updates on this much needed feature??

FireFox extension WORKS! :star_struck:

Yes - I use Chrome, but I used Firefox to make the Find & Replace text feature

It replaces everything on 1 page and then you need to open sub-tasks to replace further

It will also be a challenge to replace down the floating line because the whole project would not be loaded…

I created a tool to find a pattern and replace it with a given text in a project.

I can improve the tool to look within the entire account if necessary.