Find and Replace feature

I almost have a tool ready for this. I know you all hope a native solution, but maybe that will help with the wait.

@Bastien_Siebman any updates on your tool?

Still not ready, my dev colleague should work on it soon.


Any updates on this much needed feature??

FireFox extension WORKS! :star_struck:

Yes - I use Chrome, but I used Firefox to make the Find & Replace text feature

It replaces everything on 1 page and then you need to open sub-tasks to replace further

It will also be a challenge to replace down the floating line because the whole project would not be loaded…

I created a tool to find a pattern and replace it with a given text in a project.

I can improve the tool to look within the entire account if necessary.

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@Marie - Please update us on the progress of this feature request! It’s been requested for the past six years! :astonished: Find & Replace functions are one of the most basic of office productivity functions for over 30 years.

Our organization uses (and re-uses) templates extensively. When updating templates or projects created from those templates, it is unproductive and inefficient to manually update multiple instances of terms. This is especially true in templates containing more than 10 tasks and multiple sections.

Thank you.


Hello @Adam_Caruso, and thanks for sharing your use case with us. I’m afraid I don’t have an update now, but I’ll circle back on this thread as soon as I do!

It’ll really be a BIG help. Thanks! ^^

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Piggy-backing on this, and it may be a separate request, but it’d be great to have a “merge” field option within Project Templates, for task names. E.g., if I have a project template which has a task name of {project_name} Interior Mockups, it’d be great if {project_name} could be replaced with the project name, thus creating an end task (in the new project), such as Acme Products Interior Mockups.