Filtering to Milestones only in Team Calendar

Hi there,
I am looking to do is view the Team Calendar as a master calendar, with launch dates for projects labeled as milestones. Is there a way to filter the Team Calendar to show only milestones? The goal here is to provide an easily viewable calendar to leads on the team so that we can track multiple projects from a global view.

Hoping there is a solution here. Thanks to the community for the help!

Hi @Adam_Hoolhorst not sure you can filter in the calendar view at this time.
One work around could be to add the milestones to a seperate project eg. “Milestones” and then use the calendar view of that project to show the milestones.


Yes, I’ve thought about creating a separate project but I’d love to have a solution that updates automatically from the multiple work streams being worked on concurrently. Each project is being run by a different team so looking to have an overview for planning, etc. I’ll keep digging for solutions.

@Adam_Hoolhorst, I think the solution is with Advanced Search because it can show what you want and updates automatically (no need to multi-home).


After choosing Add Filter > More > Milestones and clicking Milestones Only the dialog looks like the above. Just add More > In Teams and enter your team and you’ll see the results you need, and there’s a Calendar view. Then you can save and post the URL to this search report to the others in a shared task.

Hope that works for you,


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Advanced and reports are definitely the way to go, well done @lpb