Files enclosed in multiple tasks appear multiple times in the "Files" tab

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I created subtasks for six different project members of different expertise so they can complete the task of filling a mandatory form sheet. I realized that the file in question shows up six time in the file tab. This is confusing the people as our organization is new to Asana and people approached me which one is the correct one assuming they are different and the file section gets crowded. So, ideally the file tab should show a “linked” file only once

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Browser version:
Microsoft Edge
Version 115.0.1901.188 (Official build) (64-bit)

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I believe you uploaded the file from your computer right? Even if the source was the same, it is seen by Asana as 6 different files now. That’s expected behaviour (according to me) especially since the File tab is sometimes used to find a task, so you do want to see 6 items here… at least that’s my opinion.

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I uploaded the file from SharePoint. I understand that the file could be used to find a related task, which makes sense. I will then teach my teams accordingly. Ultimately, they should anyhow use their task list rather than the full project.


100%, most people most of the time should work from My Tasks directly.

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