Figma and Asana Integration

The Asana and Adobe Creative Cloud integration seems really awesome (haven’t used it yet, but looking forward to doing so). However, as a predominantly digital design company, it’d be GREAT to have a similar integration with Figma.

They offer community App Plug-ins, so it seems like it would be relatively easy to connect the two programs.

I really hope this topic gains traction. I agree a similar integration as adobe cc. Although, I imagine this should be brought up to Figma as well.



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+1, this would be huge.

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:pray: :pray: :pray:

+1 - it would be great to be able to link images of individual frames in figma to tasks in asana

This integration would be great!! +1


Hey everyone! I’m a product designer on Asana’s Platform & Integrations teams. As an avid Figma user myself, I’m glad to hear that there’s interest in a Figma/Asana integration! Would you mind sharing more detail about what you might be looking for with an integration like this? Even crazy/wacky ideas are great! :smile:


Hi Adam :slight_smile:

It would be great to connect certain Figma-Frames to Tasks in Asana or having some “link-discovery” based on teams and boards.

I think that would be an awesome start to develop further features



It would be good to have Live Embed like Figma does with Jira & Trello


It would be awesome something like “comments in Figma becoming tasks in Asana”.