Figma and Asana Integration

The Asana and Adobe Creative Cloud integration seems really awesome (haven’t used it yet, but looking forward to doing so). However, as a predominantly digital design company, it’d be GREAT to have a similar integration with Figma.

They offer community App Plug-ins, so it seems like it would be relatively easy to connect the two programs.

I really hope this topic gains traction. I agree a similar integration as adobe cc. Although, I imagine this should be brought up to Figma as well.



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+1, this would be huge.

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:pray: :pray: :pray:

+1 - it would be great to be able to link images of individual frames in figma to tasks in asana

This integration would be great!! +1


Hey everyone! I’m a product designer on Asana’s Platform & Integrations teams. As an avid Figma user myself, I’m glad to hear that there’s interest in a Figma/Asana integration! Would you mind sharing more detail about what you might be looking for with an integration like this? Even crazy/wacky ideas are great! :smile:


Hi Adam :slight_smile:

It would be great to connect certain Figma-Frames to Tasks in Asana or having some “link-discovery” based on teams and boards.

I think that would be an awesome start to develop further features



It would be good to have Live Embed like Figma does with Jira & Trello


It would be awesome something like “comments in Figma becoming tasks in Asana”.


+1 for turning comments from Figma into Asana tasks or at least exporting/importing comments in .csv or similar would be good

+1 Agree with feedback here:

  • Turn comments in Figma into Asana tasks
  • Attachment/link discovery of Figma files within tasks in Asana
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+1 on comments to Asana because I’m currently copying/pasting 30 of them…

I saw asana is finally allowing embedded links into the Project Overview (which is also a new feature itself). Unfortunately still no embed into tasks themselves which is where we need this. Would love to see this in the future so folx don’t have to click out of asana to load up figma and see a design.


Yes I feel the same as Amber. Very cool to have this in the project overview area but it would be amazing to have this ability in task comments.

The ability to paste interactive prototypes in a comment would be really useful to add context but as our prototypes are desktop based designs rather than mobile apps they would need to expand into the full screen Asana popup to be interactive without leaving the comment.

We like the Asana image commenting feature for small marketing images but for long page designs it scales the design to fit the height and context for the comments is too small and can’t be read. That’s where it would be useful to add a Figma design for context. Taking this further if frame comments tagging a person in Figma could become Asana feedback comments if that frame was embedded in a task in Asana, that would save doubling up on comment feedback channels.

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