Feedback: Upgrade my account - yeah right!


I had to get your attention - forgive me. I actually would like to upgrade my account…but therein lies the problem. You see I’m a consultant working at an MSP. I’ve had multiple clients from different organizations (think different email domains) invite me to what…‘follow’ topics/projects of theirs on Asana. What does that make me on Asana - a guest (loser) user? I want (need - its like a status thing now) to pay $6.25/month for Premium features. But when I click the huge UPGRADE button - I realize Asana has crazy people in charge. I must convince an entire ‘organizations’ to upgrade. Have you ever herded cats? I won’t be able to convince my entire organization to upgrade. But say I did (I didn’t - it’s impossible) that would upgrade my email domain. When I ‘did stuff’ on other organizations’ projects/tasks - would I have my Premium features or would my premium features only appear if THAT organization also had Premium features? Am I a ‘guest user’ on all Asana projects that belong to a different email domain? My head just exploded. I know what needs to be done. I’ll make an ultimatum. Someone from Asana had better take my $6.25/month this very moment and upgrade me to all the cool features in Premium or I’ll…

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