Feedback is too hard to post


I get that this “asana community” is a nice place and all, but the steps to get here are way too long.

I’m in myboard
There is no feedback link anywhere
I click help. There is no feedback link
I go to “Help with features”, and it opens a new tab, but it’s not there
I try “Contact support”, and it opens a new tab. Feedback is there but indistinguishable from the other 8 boxes of things I very much don’t care about (“How do I…”, “Sales inquiries”, etc) apart from wording
I click Feedback and feature requests. It does not take me to any feedback page… it scrolls me down to “Submit your feedback” and "Submit your Asana feature request"
I click “Submit your feedback” and it STILL doesn’t let me input feedback; it blows open a modal thing that tells me to go to the “community”. I have 0 interest in any community, I just want to give feedback
I click “Submit your Asana feature request”. It once again blows open a modal that tells me to go to the community. Why even have this scroll down and then two modals jank when they end up in the same place? Minimally just redirect me there when I clicked the feedback box a while ago!
I click go to the community, which unsurprisingly opens a new tab
I have to create an account. I click create an account
I click accept
I click new topic
Finally I can give feedback

Hoooooooly cow, folks. That is awful. That’s, what, a DOZEN clicks??? Three tabs? A login?
Ohhhh my hat. So bad. Y’all are missing tons of feedback from users who got lost in that journey.

Please, please, please: make a link on your website or in your help dropdown (worst case) that I can click and immediately type some input into (ideally it doesn’t open a new tab - just a small popup modal or something), and fire and forget.