Feature Request: "Direct mentions only" setting for Email Notifications



I’m having a hard time getting users to adopt Asana because they quickly learn to ignore the flood of email delivered to their inbox.

By default, the only email that new users should receive should come as a result of another user ‘at-mentioning’ their account in the body of a task or comment.

If it is already the case that users will be notified by email when all “To Email” settings for a workspace are unchecked, please add documentation to this effect in-app.


@asana - is there any plans to add this direct mentions email notification? My team also just turns off the email notifications because it emails them when any tasks are marked complete, etc. I’d love to have it allow your INBOX to filter for only meaningful notifications too…I don’t need to know when ever task gets marked complete…i’d prefer to know mentions, changed dates, comments, attachments, etc.