Feature request, delete using keyboard

When removing tasks, I need the option to use the “Delete” key on my keyboard to remove them. So I don’t have to right click and remove, right click and remove agan and again.

Welcome, @Jens_Andersen,

You can use this shortcut: Tab+Del (Mac) or Tab+Backspace (Windows)



Tap+Del does nothing, but tab to the next field, and delete still doese nothing at all.

Well, it’s documented here:

and it works for me (on Mac, American keyboard).

I seem to recall Tab+Backspace on Windows in the past, but that’s not currently documented as such.

Del deletes the previous character for me.

Okay, “Del” still does nothing here.
Backspace can remove one carakter at the time, kept down it removes all, then you have to release and backspace again once, and the line dissapears.
Then you can back spaca again.

A “Del” alone would be much easier.

Are you holding down the Tab key while you simultaneously tap the Delete key?

Confirming that Tab+Backspace works on Windows.


I tried tab to change fields, and i can delete text (The same as backspace), but when you TAB again it goes to the end “Add Task”
TAB+Backspace works on Windows. But not for the headlines, only for tasks.

Ah, yes Tab+Backspace works to remove tasks.
It does not work on the headlines, only on the tasks. But much faster for tasks, thank you.

You’re welcome, @Jens_Andersen

you mention “headlines”; do you mean the section names?
If so then indeed, you need to click into the ... menu to delete sections (and optionally, the tasks within that section).

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