Feature request: dashboard enhancements

I would like to see the following enhancements to the dashboard view:

  • Ability to click on a project’s “card” to go directly to that project

  • Graphical representation of team members’ completion - perhaps a bar graph with each team member on the Y axis and # of completed tasks in the past A days on the X axis, and other options for evaluating performance

  • Gantt charts

  • Some sort of admin ability to set the view of each Progress chart by time, so that if a project is ongoing and new tasks are perpetually being created and completed, we can set the chart to only show us remaining and completed for the last 30/60/90 days, quarter, year, YTD, whatever, just something like that.

  • Alerts for an administrator with a Project on their dashboard when a threshold of tasks are added, completed, or deleted so we can follow up.

Thank you!

I like the idea of graphical representation for tasks completed per user