Feature Request: Comment templates

Proposal to create comment templates. These would be templates that could be invoked within a given task in the comments area (Ask a question or post an update…).

Use case: For our daily standups we each share updates in the same format:

  • What’s been accomplished?
  • Any blockers?
  • Next steps

A comment template would make the process of updating tasks with these details much easier (currently we copy these questions from a “[Read Me] Sharing updates” task in the “Resources” section of the project).

As a workaround we store the template in the task description and copy-paste it.

That would work well except, in this case, the sprint cards (read: tasks) are created elsewhere and multi-homed into the “sprint planning” project. They would each have a unique task description based on how the task was added to it’s own project (in most cases this would be via a form, which would populate the description).

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For often repeated text I’d use AutoHotkey as a workaround.

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