Feature Request - ability to toggle columns between Sections and Fields

In my organization we typically subdivided tasks into sections that represent categories of work or phases or objectives. And then use Fields to set priorities and process states (eg: do, doing, done, hold, review, approve). While we love boards and their visual application, they are not as useful because they essentially turn a horizontal list into a vertical list that’s organized exactly the same same way - by sections.

A much more useful approach to boards would be the ability to toggle column view between Sections and Fields. So in Board view I could set the columns to match Process states. Thus my list view would break out actives by objectives, and when I switch to board view I’d see those activities on a board organized by whats in the backlog, up next, doing, waiting approval, and done. Or I could toggle it by a Priority field, or any other field. And back to column by section.

This would give us a much more versatile and powerful board for managing tasks that would make it less redundant to the list view. Also - see horizontal swim lane feature request for a similar implementation of this idea that would further enhance the board view.

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