Fastest way for checking new tasks

I have tasks, that creating in asana in 1 section then move to another section where I can assign to this task by our team rules. Is any way for checking this moving as fast as possible (1s is too much, because another workers will take this task, ideally about 0.1s between creating / moving and program checking). If you can write a few words / links, then I’ll hire freelancer for working on this job, but maybe it’s unreal…

I don’t think that speed is possible. For exemple, in daytime when the api is charged, after we edit a task, it can take up to 5 seconds (!!!) to query it ! 2 call: 1 PUT to “edit”, then “GET” to query the new one, can take between 2 and 10 seconds!

What you need is probably webhooks, but I am 100% sure that you will have to wait a few seconds before the event is received by your system.

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Thanks a lot!

I second what @Frederic_Malenfant said. Even with webhooks you won’t get it down below a few seconds.

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yes sure it will take few seconds before that it can’t be possible thanks for you guidance.