Thanks Guys and Girls,

Switching to the fast api has delivered the remarkable speed increases we all hope for, with very little work.

Our internal GWT-based app manipulates our Asana projects in various ways. I’ve just added the ‘Asana-Fast-Api’ flag, and hey presto, super savings…
Duplicating a task with a bunch of subtasks from 71s down to 24s
Duplicating a project containing a bunch of tasks 97s down to 67s

This will make a real difference to what we can do with Asana going forwards, thank you.

Daniel Webb

Thanks, @DanielWebb! We tried really hard to make it both frictionless and a drop-in replacement for our current API, as we’re planning on replacing our old infrastructure with it sometime in the next few months when it comes out of beta. Under the hood, though, the team did a complete rewrite of the API server to talk to a complete rewrite of our data storage system to pull this off over a year or so’s time, so we’ll be sure to tell them that their efforts have provided a noticeable benefit to our users!