Faster Way to Dismiss Task Update Notification Dot

I do like this new feature that shows a dot next to a task that has been updated. However, I am assigned a fairly high volume of tasks (80-120 per week), and usually the updates are things that I can already clearly see on my list, e.g. the due date was updated. Once I see that a task has been updated, I don’t necessarily need to go into the details to see what has been changed.

I would love to have the option to dismiss notification dots from the My Tasks view rather than having to go into the task details for each task one at a time. A right-click menu option to “mark updates as read” that can be done to a batch of selected tasks could work, or simply having the dot dismiss when clicked on.

If it helps, I believe we have the business tier.

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Welcome, @Nick_Kasper,

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