Daily task backlog - dismiss all to date

I have daily tasks. Sometimes I get behind on them, sometimes by a few weeks if they are low priority.

I’m punished by having to do a tedious slow process of dismiss the task, wait for the next day to generate, dismiss that task, wait, dismiss, all the way until I’m caught up.

Please can we have an option to “dismiss all to date” so that we can just get caught up.

To not have this problem I am using the “periodic” recurring pattern, which works much better. You can also, before completing, change the due date to Today.

Yes periodic is an ok solution, but it clashes with my disorganised nature sometimes.

With periodic, if I’m working late and i cross the task off after midnight, it counts it for the next day and it has got me into some situations before.

I’ll try setting the due date though to see if that clears it out.