An alternate option to completing a task

I would like to see another option to be added - currently you can only complete a task. To move a task out of my outstanding task list I have to remove either the date, project, assignee or mark the task complete. I would like to be able to log a request that comes in and if for some reason the task is cancelled to mark it as so. I would suggest to have an X as well as Tick.

For example, current symbol and adding a second option to mark the task as cancelled:

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Hi @Alice1

I don’t quite understand what you’ve described. If a task is cancelled, wouldn’t you simply delete it?

If you wanted to keep cancelled tasks for your records, you could use Tab+L to mark them as ‘Later’, which will hide tasks in the collapsible section at the bottom of My Tasks. Or you could move them to a project titled ‘Cancelled tasks’.

I’m not sure what function the X button would serve, but I may have missed your point.


Hi Mark,

When you have a larger team who need to track everything in that month it would be good to be able to note it was cancelled, deleting is different. Again “Later” doesn’t quite achieve this it just pushes the task.

The point is to be able to have an alternative to just marking an item as complete. Then other people in your team can see the requests that were made by the client - which were completed and which ended up being cancelled.

I haven’t seen another way of really doing this… do you have any other suggestions?



Hi Alice

Do you have a premium account? If so, I’d create a custom field with a ‘Cancelled’ drop-down. You could then select that drop-down and mark the cancelled tasks as complete. To track them, all you’d need to do is run an advanced search for any completed tasks (within a certain period if required) associated with that custom field. That would give you your list.

If you don’t have a premium account, I’d use the ‘Cancelled’ project, and do something similar: add the tasks to that project (you can multi-select to do that in bulk) and mark as complete. Within the ‘Cancelled’ project, you’d have a list of all of those tasks together.

Both options remove the tasks from My Tasks but still record them as cancelled, rather than just completed. It’s not as neat as a one-click option, but it’s close. :slight_smile:


Hey Alice! I would recommend using a tag that’s simply called ‘cancelled’. So when a request is cancelled or not completed, you tag it with that, and unassign it and (possibly) remove the due date.

That way, people can run reports to see all the tasks that have been cancelled vs completed for the various criteria. And also you can filter out the ‘canceled’ tag if looking for incomplete/unassigned tasks aside from that.

@Caisha - good idea.
Another option that I use is the kanban or workboard.
I have a canceled column and I can visually see how much stuff we’ve canceled.
The board basically allows you to create another set of lower level statues.