Extract subtasks from main task

We have created a Template board of services which we would like to create as a Quarterly board for each of our clients so that we can see what we can sell and knock out over the next 3 months.

Unlike Trello, where you can copy an entire column of tasks to another board quite easily, it does not seem possible in Asana.

So, we decided to group tasks together along with subtasks but now it seems one cannot ungroup those tasks when we duplicate the collection of tasks to the board where we want to copy it and assign it to each of our team members.

Am I overlooking this; is there an easy way to do this?

In the screenshot, I have shown an option to detach subtasks from existing tasks

@SixfootJames, In List view for your project, you can multi-select the set of subtasks, then drag any one of the selected ones left into the main tasks list in any Section there. Does that help?




You are a Scholar and a gentleman Larry - thank you!

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