Expand All Comments by default

Would love an Expand All comments feature that allowing us to expand all comments at once.

Would also be really helpful when searching for particular text on a task as well.

Often I go to a task and try and use the browser search function (Cntrl + F) or (Command + F) to search for particular text but often it doesn’t work because the text I’m looking for hidden within a comment and the comments need to be expanded before I can properly use the browser search function.

Would really improve efficiency!

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This would be ideal!


I echo everyone above: The need to auto-expand comments — for the entire thread and for long comments — is so necessary. Finding a colleague’s remarks about a task becomes a herculean effort when there are more than a few comments on a thread. Team Asana: You’ve got to work on this; it’s such an easy fix.

In the meantime, have any users tried the Auto Clicker extension for Chrome?

I installed the extension, and while it looks like it can work for our mutual need to auto-expand comments, it’s a little too technical for me to understand. But if I’m understanding correctly, the extension can be used to auto-click on any element on a page.


In a long thread with lots of comments, the “25 more comments” is inside the element <a class="TaskStoryFeed-expandLink">25 more comments</a>. With the Auto Clicker extension, you could define that class to be auto-clicked.

For a single comment that’s too long for Asana to display, and thus creates a “See More” link, the “See More” text is inside this element: <a class="TruncatedRichText-expand">See More</a>

If anyone how more technical prowess than I and knows how to create the settings for the extension, please chime in here because we could all benefit!

The settings of the Chrome extension look like this:

is there a feature available to be read comments without having to tick seel all or more?

it is so annoying to click so many see more in task. Please have option to expand all or have it as a setting.


I need this feature to replace mails and establish asana in our company.
Asana potentially “hides” important information, as the users will overlook the “See more” button.
Not all information can be that compact that they fit on a post it note.

I’ve noticed that too many subtasks leaves part of the subtask list unloaded.
I found myself trying to create a new subtask and it was creating at the end of an unloaded subtask list.

I also find that collapsing the comment threads in a task hides valuable information that needs to be present, at a glance, while first opening a task. The collapse / hide habit of the software may be an asset to some, but it assumes a fully literate and current audience. Not every project participant can assume the content of the collapsed/hidden comments. It’s dangerous.

Hi @Mark_Howson, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! I certainly understand your use case here :slight_smile: I’ve modified your post title slightly to make it more discoverable for other Community members. I hope this is ok :slight_smile:

Hopefully this is something we can implement in the future! I’ll let you know should there be any updates here :slight_smile:

Well, lots of good arguments and work arounds. Starting in January 2018. Today is April 2021. So it’s obviously never going to happen.

The idea that you should need to load extensions and know HTML or other languages to implement a basic, much requested function is a bit of a burden.

The best comment in the thread is “cognitive burden”. Users will overlook hidden information. Nobody can memorize every comment on several projects to know what is hidden and what isn’t.

There are obviously other marketing and usability interests at play.

My worry is that it’s an interface design preference being allowed to govern for the sake of “user friendliness”. At one time it was well established that mystery meat buttons were poor web design, but smart phones brought those back.

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I very often miss important comments because start of discussion is hidden. I’d love a setting for my account which disables comment collapsing entirely. It’s worse than useless in its current form.

Alternatively, could you at least make “21 more comments” link much more visible, e.g. with a highly saturated color and a larger button than its current “subtle blue link” design? It seems like if there’s lots of comments on a task, that may be because there is important discussion, so you should emphasize rather than hide that information.

Definitely need the ability to always expand the see more. I’m constantly missing things and then one-by-one, clicking on “see more” to finally find what I’m looking for, quite unnerving not being able to find what I need quickly and without MANY clicks on “see more”