Tasks - always show all comments (without needing to press "see more" and "additional comments") and add a jump to top/bottom link

I would like to proposed the option globally to show all comments and also show the full comment within tasks all the time.

Needing to click “more comments” and “see more” each time you go to a ticket is very repetitive, it’s also easy to “miss” comments you’re scrolling through trying to find, since the “more comments/see more” text link is the same size/style as normal blue links within a task, it looks as if it’s already part of a comment.

One of the best features about Basecamp was seeing everything in a ticket at once. The way I typically use tickets (for web development) is always referencing items in previous comments, or after quickly opening up a task, pressing “CMD + F” to search/find something by the keyword I search… you can’t do this in Asana, because those comments are hidden, you have to open the ticket scroll up or down to “try to find” that more comments link, expand it then scroll up/down/search again. And every time you re-visit that ticket, you have to press “see more” and click “more comments” every time.

In addition to this, for tasks with longer comments/length, having some option to quickly jump to the top or bottom of the ticket. (In basecamp, if you double clicked anywhere within the whitespace of the page on the top 5% or bottom 5% of the page, the page would scroll all the way to the top or the bottom)

Unlike my other request of having an activity feed of all your own work done/comments made, this request seems a lot less development work.

Just show everything in the task at once without having to expand/see more/more comments every time repetitively.

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