Excluding Blocked Tasks from Reports

Hey Everyone!

So my company is just beginning to utilize reporting features. I have prepared a dashboard for management to track overdue tasks by department. The idea we have a different chart where overdue tasks are broken down by employee so that the direct managers have a simple place to go to assess their teams. The issue that I am having is that some of the overdue tasks are being blocked by other tasks assigned to individuals outside of the department. So while they are technically overdue, we don’t think that they should count towards someone’s overdue tasks count. Can anyone recommend some sort of workaround for this issue?


It is currently not possible to exclude blocked tasks in the reporting, I’ll let @Rebecca_McGrath give us some context regarding the roadmap!

Thanks Bastien! It seems strange as this feels like a feature that would be helpful for a lot of reasons.

Definitely useful, like dozens of other features. We can’t impact the prioritisation except by voting on requests like this or going through the Voice of Customer :slight_smile:

Hi @Sam_Rapp, thanks for providing this feedback!

As Bastien mentioned, this feature isn’t available right now but I can definitely see how it would be useful. Our Product team don’t have plans to implement this option in reporting right now but I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile: