Events - Sponsor Checklist


A new way event projects are proving useful for us in Asana is by creating a checklist for sponsorships. This helps us ensure we are delivering on every promise to a sponsor.

We’ve created a section titled “Sponsor Checklist”. In the description of the section, we include all the sponsorships levels and benefits for quick reference.

Then under the section, we create a task for each sponsor and each benefit level that needs to be completed.

At the culmination of the event, there won’t be any question as to whether we have delivered on something or not. :slight_smile:


This looks great @Crystal_Alifanow! I like that you’ve created a reference task with sponsor background information. And this is a great use of sections!

Looks like you have a system that works for you! I’m curious to know what goes into the checklist itself. Do you use template tasks at all? And what made you select your current naming convention over something like custom fields or tags, or even tasks/subtasks for each customer? Not scrutinizing, just curious. I think your thought process can help inform other Asana users as they build out similar projects :slight_smile:


For us, I think template tasks within the sponsor checklist would be overkill. There are not so many sponsors that a task list couldn’t be easily created. The same reasoning applies to custom fields. The projects already have 4 or more custom fields so for the number of tasks related to sponsorships, it would clutter the project more.
Because different team members will be executing the tasks, I’ve chosen to leave them as tasks rather than subtasks so that each one is utilizing the “status” custom field. Plus, I like being able to easily view all completed tasks in the main project panel.

We have some other event project sections I can share later if they prove useful to anyone else.