Event Planning -- One Project or Multiple?

Hello! I work at a non-profit running 30+ events throughout our fiscal year. Each of these events tend to have the same standard processes, but run concurrently/against one another.

Curious if there’s a best-case example of how to manage these events? Is there a benefit to having each event as a separate project, or having each event as a separate header within a project with custom fields for the various events.

Any thoughts would be so appreciated!

I would think that having them as separate projects is better, In this way the boundaries of the events are clear and if needed you can use templates to make future events easier.

Thanks Paul! Curious how you might see a holistic timeline/calendar of ALL events in that way? Would you just use the team calendar/timeline?

If you have access to Portfolios, you can see the new timeline per project but this is only on project level.
The other option to see all tasks on a timeline is to create a project called “Overview” or “All tasks” and then multi-home all the tasks in this project that will act as a overview on the calendar and timeline view.
This could be a bit overwhelming, i would maybe do this with certain milestones only.

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If you create a project labeled Calendar and then use attach every task to that project then when you enter into the calendar project all your dates will show up. You can sort them in order or by project. Hope it helps.


This is a great suggestion - thank you!

Hi Paul - this is another great suggestion. Thank you!

@Jake_Frasier, I feel the simplest approach is the very one you suggested above: put all the event projects in the same team and use the team calendar, which gives you exactly what you’re asking for with zero additional work.



I run around 45 Basketball Sessions throughout the year and have started using Asana for the management of these events.
I separate each event by month and set them as a task.

We collect money from each player per event and any follow up issues associated with the event is set as a sub task if it needs followup.


I would create separate projects and then assign them all to a portfolio,
which will allow you to track all activies and projects in time line and workload views.

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