How many projects/events should sit within the one project?

I have a project - Celebration & Social Club - and have a team of 6 involved. My question is, “is it good practise to include all the the ‘events’ that are being planned to sit under the one parent project or should they in themselves become a separate project?”


I actually address a question along those lines in the free eBook chapter found here:

In particular, see the section “Achieving Balance: Putting It All Together” and the following one.

The short answer: it depends.

Hope that maybe helps with this question and others,



@lpb thank you, I did not know that you have written such a resource!

Yes I would also say it depends, mainly on the amount of work under the tip. So if it is just a list, couple of comments, etc - just keep them as tasks. If you are actually planning each one, you have multiple tasks and people - better to turn them into a project but also keep them as a task. The project with the task will be your portfolio - hawk eye view on all events, while each event will have project. In the future you can copy a past event to use as template for the work to be planned