Error while get all task from the specified project


I am using below link to get all tasks under that specific projects.,created_at,modified_at,name,notes,,,completed,assignee_status,completed_at,due_on,due_at,,,memberships,tags,,,num_hearts,parent,hearts,,,hearted&completed_at=2018-05-05T22:54:00.867Z&project=[projectID]&workspace=[workspaceID]

While using this link. I am getting error as below-
[{“message”:“Must specify exactly one of project, tag, or assignee + workspace”,“help”:“For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors:”}]

Help me to resolve this error.


You need to use this endpoint to get the tasks that belong to a specific project GET /projects/:projectId/tasks.

More info for query tasks: