Create Task API error

Good day. I am looking for help on submitting data into Asana. I have the following code but continue to get this error: “message”: “You should specify one of workspace, parent, projects”,
Below is my code. Thank you.

“Category”: "HVAC ",
“RequestType”: “Request For Information”,
“Market”: "Corporate ",
“Issue_Description”: "This is a sample task description. ",
“Created By”: "Marcus Wade ",
"ContractID: “123456”,
“JobNumber”; “HRR999”,
“CadTech”: “Nick Foster”,
“Builder”: “Marcus Wade”,
“IsInProduction”: “Y”
“due_at”: " ",
“due_on”: " ",
“name”: "120720-TEST TASK “,
“workspace”: “”,
“projects”: [“Cad Issues Tracking”],
'parent”: null,
“resource_type”: “task”,
“start_on”: null,
“tags”: ,
“resource_subtype”: “default_task”,

Hi @Marcus_Wade1 and welcome to the forum,

A couple of issues I can see right off:

  1. Don’t include any of the fields with null values, just leave them out.
  2. For workspace, projects and custom_fields, you have to specify objects’ gid (globally unique identifer), not their name. That’s the reason for the error you’re getting,

See the sample JSON on the right-hand side of the page here in the API docs for the correct formatting.