Fetching tasks assigned to me only from a particular project


I’m using the below API to fetch all tasks assigned to me. and then i’ll iterate through project ID to find the relevant tasks. Is there any better way to fetch only the tasks assigned to me from a project? Rather than fetching whole task list from the Workspace?

Api: https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/tasks?assignee=me&completed_since=now&limit=100&workspace=WORKSPACE&opt_fields=id,due_on,completed,name,projects,tags


Hey @Siva_Subramanian,

The only other option would be to get all of the tasks from the particular project (GET /projects/project-id/tasks?opt_fields=assignee) and then iterate over each task to see if it’s assigned to you.

We hope to add more server-side filtering in the future so that you could do this in a single call.