🎯 Enhanced Goals in Asana: Introducing visual progress tracking

I love goals in Asana because they open the door to a whole new world where you can do much more than just tasks and projects. And because goals are still fairly new, any update from the Asana Product team is a huge leap forward. This week makes no exception!

Have you ever wondered how to efficiently track the evolution of a goal over time? Imagine being able to clearly see the progress of your goal by the end of the quarter.

Asana has got your back again and is introducing goal progress over time to the Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise+ plans. When navigating to a goal page, you can visualize the progress of a goal over time with a chart that plots all previous goal updates and their status at the time, and then connects these points with a trend line. Honestly, the chart looks so good. Using colors for the different dots to match the status update is next level. I am in love with the chart!

By leveraging this new option, you can continue to use goals and help drive focus, alignment, and accountability on the work your teams are executing!

Are you already tracking your goals in Asana?


Hi everyone, this feature is being gradually rolled out. We are now at 50%, and hope to have it fully launched by tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:


Great news, this has now been launched to 100% of users on Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise+ plans! :tada: