Enable custom field values & metadata dates for concatenation in formula fields (or as variables in rules)

We are interested in assigning discreet job #s to approved tasks generated from an intake form. However, we need to customize the job #s to capture the business department who is requesting the work, the month/year, and the discreet job number. If there isn’t a way to do this currently, is there a workaround you can recommend? Thanks for your help!

The only native way would be to use the new “ID” custom field available, but it will only include a prefix and then a number, not the date.
A custom integration or 3rd party app would be needed otherwise.

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Just upvoted this. We aren’t interested in hunting for a 3rd party app for something that should be easy to develop within Asana. The ID field is a step in the right direction, but we would love to be able to build a custom field with a formula that allows us to define syntax and populate with other variables. Even the possibility to build the field with a rule should be well within reach, borrowing on the variable functionality they already give us for building a task title or task description or comments. I can’t access variables when trying to use a rule to set a custom text field.

I’ve renamed the post since the original title (custom ID) is already achievable in the product.

It is NOT achievable within the product. As stated above^

@Alison_Wilkes - to clarify, I changed the title to reflect the request for variable-based IDs, whereas unique IDs (custom ID field) are available in platform. I haven’t changed the content of your request or solved it.

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