Embedding Asana In Enterprise Applications

We plan to provide the task management capabilities that asana offers to our customers without making them move out of our enterprise application. Our application is a java based web application.
From this link I understand that embedding through iframes is not possible for security reasons but the possibility of having widgets is unclear. Our goal is to show logged in user’s tasks and allow him/her to operate on them. This includes all the operations that asana allows.
If embedding is not recommended kindly suggest other alternatives. One option I could find is to build custom UI’s that look similar to asana and underneath make REST api calls to the asana servers. This would mean a lot of development cost and rework which I am trying to avoid.


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If you want to surface Asana information in your company’s web app then yes, you’ll have to write your own UI (or hire a developer who’s versed in Asana to do it; @Bastien_Siebman can help with that if you’re interested).

In terms of getting the data in and out of Asana, you can use REST or better, you can use one of the existing client libraries which would be more efficient.


@AmitJDev you might be interested by my latest message Allow calendar view iframes to be embedded on external sites - #12 by Bastien_Siebman, I found a workaround that works for read-only views.