Get overview dashboard of projects in Wordpress

Hello, I´m working on a intranet solution for a company made with Wordpress as platform.
Can i get some overview info of projects for the dashboard on the Wordpress intranet from Asana? Just an graphical overview of projects so to speak.

Hi @Robert_Vintervind and welcome to the forum,

Asana doesn’t provide any type of UI elements or widgets that can be embedded in a web page; in fact, they prohibit embedding their UI in an iframe. I think the only solution would be to use the Asana API to read the underlying data and build your own graphical dashboard.

@Bastien_Siebman anything to add or clarify here?

I found a technical way to embed Asana in an iFrame, even though they forbid it. I am currently discussing with their IT team to determine whether or not I am allowed to do so, and share my solution.