Allow calendar view iframes to be embedded on external sites

I would love Asana forever if we were allowed to use custom search and project calendar views in iframes.

My use case: I would use the embed in our custom dashboard (not all team members are in Asana).

Right now I update Asana projects over to a Google Calendar and keeping them in sync is time consuming.

yo dawg, maybe you sync your tasks to google then embed dat goog cal?

Nah needs to be a save searched. Don’t want other teams projects clogging up my awesome projects on the calendar

Why haven’t Asana made available embedding task lists yet? We need this so much!
Even Trello has this already
#help @Marie

Hi @Neyl and apologies for the late follow-up. Unfortunately, I don’t have an update on this topic at the moment, but I will make sure to keep you posted as soon as I do!

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Thanks @Marie, I wish Asana was more transparent on these kind of things though.

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Also the calendar view gives a clean view for external/non-Asana users to see the main tasks that are part of a project, without getting into all weeds of the sub-tasks that usually also sync to Google calendar.

Hey @asana … have you made any progress with your “embed-to-the-web” a.k.a. “publish-to-the-web” a.k.a. iframe version of some of your screens? We want to (at the very least) have our clients be able to view some items (like project progress or calendars) to embed in our websites / client systems. ~Stephen King,


any update on this?

We need this really badly for client dashboards.