Embed Asana Project "Conversation" tab on Website for Interactive Client Communication?


Hi there – I’m trying to figure out if this feature already exists:

I would like to embed a given project’s Conversation tab on my website to collaborate with different clients on various projects. There’s no need for them to become an Asana team member since each client is only around for a little bit of time. However, given the collaborative nature of the work I do with my clients, it would be great for them to head to a specific page in my website and something like the Conversation tab to interact with me and other client-collaborators.

If this isn’t something that Asana can do well, does anyone have any advice for what I could use? I’ve considered a forum, but those can be a bit too clunky for my non-tech savvy clients, and I love how Asana Conversations can be topic driven, with commenting, likes, and attachments being a part of replies.



Wouldn’t this be a perfect case for using Slack and integrating it with Asana through something like Zapier? Are you collaborating on tasks or documents in those conversations? Should the conversations be public or secured through a password?


Hey there Tom. I’ve thought about Slack, but to be honest, I’ve never used it. When briefly reviewing Slack’s feature set, it seems like “guest access” is only a paid feature. And at this point, the only premium project management/communication app I can afford is Asana – which is money well spent! The conversations could be public, although I’d prefer if it were password protected. I was planning on password-protecting the website to circumvent that as an issue.

Do you have experience using Slack in this way? Are there other embeddable Asana integrations?


There are many: https://asana.com/apps

I don’t think you can do it in a way that your clients will not have to create an Asana account or something of the sort. Otherwise you will not be able to see, who commented what, right?