Email settings for templates

The user who created a project template is getting an email every time someone uses their template, is there a way to turn off this setting?

Thank you!

Hi there @Christine_Maroney :wave: and welcome to the Forums!

Can you see if the user getting the emails is set as the project owner for the template? My hunch is that they are receiving the emails because they are set as the project owner for the template. If this is not the case, please let me know so I can investigate further!


Hi Matt,

Thanks! I think that’s exactly what the issue was, this user was set as project owner. Just confirming, if we remove this user as project owner, and do not set a new one, this is still okay practice? We have others who “can edit” but no defined owner - just want to make sure this won’t affect any other functionality.

Thanks again!

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Hi @Christine_Maroney, thanks for reaching out! It’s ok if the template doesn’t have a project owner but as best practices we recommend you assigning a project owner to the projects you create from the template :slight_smile: Please also note that if the user is also a collaborator of any tasks in the template, they will be also notified. You can remove them as collaborator of all tasks in the template in bulk using the multi-select feature: How to multi-select tasks | Product guide • Asana.

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